I’m a London based graphic designer working in the film and TV industry. I design and make graphic props and set dressing. I’ve worked on productions for the BBC, Pathé, Warner Brothers, Netflix, Sky and more.

I graduated in Design for Visual Communication from London College of Communication in 2016. Before that I worked in screenprinting, so I love my work to be as hands on as possible, and really enjoy the process of making.

A lot of my work has been on shows set in mid-century Britain, and I love the style and graphics of the era.

If you’d like to contact me about rates or work opportunites, email




Call the Midwife, Series 10 (2020) - Graphic Designer

Producer: Annie Tricklebank

Production Designer: Julia Castle


The Duke (2020) - Assistant Graphic Designer

Director: Roger Michell

Production Designer: Kristian Milsted

Graphic Designer: Joshua Douglas-Bagley


Call the Midwife, Series 9 (2019) - Graphic Designer

Producer: Annie Tricklebank

Director: Various

Production Designer: Julia Castle


Dark Money (2018) - Graphic Designer

Director: Lewis Arnold

Production Designer: Beck Rainford


The Rook, Series 1, Episode 8 (2018) - Graphic Designer

Director: China Moo-Young

Production Designer: Jonathon Lee


The Good Liar (2018) - Assistant Graphic Designer, dailies

Director: Bill Condon

Production Designer: John Stevenson


Judy (2018) - Assistant Graphic Designer

Director: Rupert Goold

Production Designer: Kave Quinn

Graphic Designer: Frances Bennett

Assistant Graphic Designer: Josie Keely


Urban Myths (2018) - Graphic Designer

Director: Robert Delamere

Production Designer: Eleonore Cremonese


Black Earth Rising (2017) - Assistant Graphic Designer

Director: Hugo Blick

Production Designer: Chris Roope

Graphic Designer: Shaun Mitcheson


Strike, Series 1 (2017) - Assistant Graphic Designer, dailies

Director: Kieron Hawkes

Production Designer: Helen Scott

Graphic Designer: Lizzy Butler

Assistant Graphic Designer: Oona Brown


The Aftermath (2016) - Graphics Assistant

Director: James Kent

Production Designer: Sonia Klauss

Lead Graphic Designer: Dan Burke

Assistant Graphic Designer: Chris Melgram


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2015) - Graphics Intern

Director: David Yates

Production Designer: Stuart Craig

Lead Graphic Designers: Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima

Graphic Designer: Charis Theobald